Training Sites

The George Washington University Hospital

GW Hospital

At GWUH there are approximately 3500 deliveries and 1550 major and minor gynecologic procedures performed annually. In addition to assignments in Labor and Delivery, and participating with in- and out-surgeries and well as in the main-operating room, residents maintain an active outpatient service located across the street from the hospital in the Medical Faculty Associates Ambulatory Care Center (ACC). More than 8,400 obstetrical patient-visits and more than 11,000 gynecologic patient-visits take place in the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) annually. There are satellite offices on M Street in DC, at Sibley Hospital in DC and Bethesda Row in MD. 

Holy Cross Hospital 


Holy Cross Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland, is 30 minutes from the Foggy Bottom-Washington Circle location of GWU Hospital. At Holy Cross Hospital there are approximately 9000 annual deliveries, the largest number in the State of Maryland; and more than 5400 major and minor GYN procedures. The Ob/Gyn Clinic offers extensive experience in the management of a large and diverse patient population presenting with different challenges

The resident clinic at HCH serves a population of low-income and new immigrant women with backgrounds ranging from the DC area to all over the world!  The clinic is where you see a lot of bread and butter OBGYN.  It is an excellent environment for learning the wide spectrum of office care including prenatal and postpartum visits, urogynecology, pre- and post-operative patients, ED or outside hospital referrals and office procedures including colposcopy, ultrasound and office hysteroscopy.  When clinic patients deliver or require surgery they remain resident patients and the senior resident will often be the primary surgeon during the case.  The clinic is overseen by the chief resident who acts as an attending provider and does all fo the pre-operative surgical evaluation and scheduling.  A teaching attending is always present for complicated patients and oversight.  Each resident spends at least 2 months dedicated to the resident clinic so they are able to form great relationships with the patients, staff and attendings.

The Washington, DC, VA Medical Center

Veterans Affairs Hospital

The Washington, DC, VA Medical Center is located in NW Washington, DC. The VA serves our nation's veterans in the largest integrated health care system in the country.   With the growing number of women veteran's there has never been a greater need for gynecologic health services than there is today.  Experiences at the VA will include problem gynecology, gynecologic surgery, urogynecology and contraceptive care.  Residents at the VA are supervised by GW Attending gynecologists and have a great opportunity to care for a population in need of our specialized services.

Shady Grove Fertility

Established more than 30 years ago, Shady Grove fertility has risen to national and international prominence as a center of excellence in the field of reproductive medicine, IVF, and infertility. Residents rotate to Shady Grove Fertility for their REI experience, and are supervised by experts in the field of reproductive medicine.