Community Engagement

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Our residents come from backgrounds that have fostered a passion within them to serve their community. Many of them are involved with projects supported by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Certain service opportunities are built into rotations as a part of the goals and objectives. Our program supports residents by giving them the time to pursue projects through which they desire to create a lasting impact.  Many residents pioneer projects of their own. 


DC Teen Promise Project logo

Teen Promise Project

The Teen Promise Project was developed by one of our own graduates while she was in residency. It is a program that supports the reproductive health and safe sex education of middle schoolers of the District of Columbia. The project was started as a resident project and was quickly adopted by ACOG. It is currently expanding to incorporate boys' education, and there are many other states that are attempting to model a similar project after this one. Our residents are supported to attend sessions during their time on the Family Planning rotation.

Advocacy Curriculum 

Several of our residents are active in leadership roles with ACOG. As a result an Advocacy Curriculum has been built into our resident education time as a quarterly session. Residents spend time learning about legislation, education, impact, and community service. As a part of this curriculum, the intent is to use resident education time to reach out to groups of adult women who may not have direct access to health care for routine gynecologic care and health maintenance. 

Congressional Leadership Conference

Annually, our entire PGY2 class is given funding and coverage to attend the CLC.  During the three day conference, we all get the opportunity to lobby while walking the halls of Congress! The program teaches us tools we can take with us to become lifetime advocates for our patients.