Program Overview

The residency program provides excellent clinical training in all the skills necessary to practice obstetrics and gynecology. The program is unique in the exceptional training that it provides in the following areas:

Minimally invasive surgery

Residents will learn the skills necessary to perform advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures such as hysterectomy, myomectomy, single port surgery and operative hysteroscopy. In addition, residents will gain exposure to robotic surgery.  There are two dedicated rotations during the residency in minimally invasive surgical techniques.  Instruction starts at the intern level and curriculum is designed to facilitate your independence in these procedures when you enter clinical practice.

Teaching skills

Residents will participate in the Residents as Teachers (RATs) Program during their PGY 1 year. This program is designed to provide resident physicians with the skills necessary to become effective teachers.  This occurs via simulation, standardized learner encounters and group discussion utilizing adult-learning principles.  Our residents have universally found this curriculum to be helpful during residency and beyond and consistently receive teaching awards each year.

Obstetric procedures

Residents who train at the George Washington University have exposure to and perform operative vaginal delivery (including forceps and vacuum deliveries) and vaginal breech deliveries.  We additionally have a unique collaborative practice with our Department of Midwifery which exposes residents to midwifery practice and trains them to become a physician consultant to our midwives.

Advanced pelvic surgery

During rotations in gynecology, urogynecology and gynecologic oncology, residents gain exposure to complicated pelvic surgery in patients with complex medical and surgical histories.  Our diverse patient population provides excellent exposure to a variety of pathology.


We have a robust simulation program at GW which consists of interdisciplinary drills and individual skill sessions.  We will be opening a new simulation center in 2014 which should be ready on your arrival.  The center will allow us to further expand and develop our program.  Currently, our simulation program includes sessions on transvaginal ultrasound, laparoscopy, shoulder dystocia and post-partum hemorrhage amongst others.  This training starts at the intern level continues throughout your 4 years here at GW.


Each 3rd year resident has the opportunity to take 2-3 weeks for an elective.  This is a time to explore unique opportunities in health policy, international health, research and sub-specialty training.  The GW resident education fund has generously provided $500 in support for this rotation.  Some experiences residents have had are listed below: 

  •  The GW Health Policy Elective
  •  International experiences in Guatemala and Haiti
  •  Outside rotations in MFM and Gyn Oncology
  •  Midwifery
  •  Electronic Medical Record
  •  Research in REI and MIGS
  •  Vulvar pain and sexual health elective