Female Sexual Medicine Fellowship

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This one-year fellowship in Female Sexual Medicine is designed to provide OBGYN physicians a high-volume clinical experience in comprehensive sexual health, supported by participation in research, education, and close mentorship within the Sexual Health and Gender Affirmation (SAGA) Center. The program’s purpose is to provide motivated OBGYN physicians the skills and expertise to offer sexual medicine services in academic and insurance-based settings. This fellowship is intended for OBGYNs who intend to pursue careers in sexual medicine for patients assigned female at birth; however, participants will also graduate with exposure to gender diverse patient care. 

This program has been designed based off of the core learning objectives outlined by the International Society of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) and prioritizes advocacy and equitable care for racial and gender minorities. 
The overarching sexual medicine concepts covered within the year-long fellowship include:

  1. Healthy sexual function in females assigned at birth and gender diverse individuals
  2. Evaluation and treatment of sexual health disorders (including desire, arousal, orgasm, and pain) 
  3. Evaluation and treatment of vulvovaginal disorders including dermatologic, inflammatory, and (pre)malignant conditions
  4. Surgical management of common vulvovaginal and sexual disorders
  5. Trauma informed and inclusive care practices
  6. Research design, presentation, and manuscript preparation

Please contact Sarah Cigna (scigna@mfa.gwu.edu) with questions about the fellowship application process. 

Please submit all application materials by September 1, 2024 by email to: Nykiah Betts (nbetts@mfa.gwu.edu) and Sarah Cigna (scigna@mfa.gwu.edu)

Download a description of the Female Sexual Medicine Fellowship

Download the Female Sexual Medicine Fellowship Application